Disc cd/dvd printing frequently asked questions - WePrintDiscs


What is the average turn time/lead time on printing?

Our normal turn time is 2-3 business days from the time graphics are received and approved.

Do you offer color matching services?

Yes, color matching requires that you send us a physical disc or print out with your choice of colors. Do note that art printed on paper will be slightly different than art printed on a disc. We will attempt to match the colors and hue to the best of our ability. If you want to see a printed disc proof after we color match your art, we charge a nominal $10.00 USD fee for returning a proof to you.

How do I align my art?

We provide guidelines/templates for most popular photo editing softwares. These can be used to both align your art or provide a basis for creating disc or printed packaging art. Please make sure to remove the guidelines/templates before uploading your final artwork. Click here to download them.

What format is best for my disc art?

We can accept JPG, PSD, PDF or TIFF files.

My artwork doesn't show in the 'Preview' area of the ordering process, how can I see my art?

Not all graphic formats are can be generated into thumbnail or preview-sized images, such as .PSD files or .PDF files. If you would like to see a preview, contact us and we'll be happy to email you a PDF proof for approval.

What is Digital UV Cured Ink printing?

UV Cured Ink is new technology that, after being exposed to our printers high-output ultra-violet Light, becomes waterproof and totally cured. This allows us to offer full color waterproof printing at a fraction of the cost of thermal printing and gives us the freedom to cater to clients who only need small quantities, allowing us to avoid charging setup fees.

Should I order a few extra or can I order a few replacements?

You can order additional discs with your order in any increment you need to make sure you complete your order. Our minimum is 100 pieces for all orders.

Can We Print Discs help create and design my artwork?

Yes, we have an art production department. Our hourly rate is $50.00 per hour. Most single image disc print jobs require 2-3 hours of Photoshop work, averaging roughly $100 per job.

Why do my printed discs differ from the image on my monitor?

A digital image will look more vibrant than ink. To get the best idea of how your art will look on a disc, print a sample on your home/office inkjet printer to see the difference and get a better idea of how the colors will appear on your final printed discs.

What is the best DPI for my print job?

300 DPI is the minimum required to provide you with the best image possible. The higher quality the image, the better your final product will be.

Can't find your answer here?

Feel free to call us between  8:00 a.m – 5:00 p.m Eastern Monday through Friday at 1-800-598-8273 or contact us via web.

I don't understand the paper printing numbering conventions (e.g. 4/0, 4/1, and 4/4). How does that work?

4/0 Full color printing on the front side and no printing on the back side.
4/1 Full color printing on the front side and one color printing on the back side.
4/4 Full color printing on the front side and full color printing on the back side.

Power Bank

How do I charge the power bank?

To charge the power bank, connect the power bank via the micro USB to USB cable (included) to your computer or wall charger using the USB adapter port. Insert the micro USB end into the 5V input port on the power bank. Your power bank will charge faster when using a wall adapter. It is best to avoid using a car charger as the output fluctuates and can damage the power bank.

How long will it take to charge the power bank?

Most power banks (1800 – 3000 mAh) will fully charge within 3-4 hours. When not in use, it is best to store the power bank with a 50% charge or more.

How do I use the power bank to charge my device?

To charge your device, use your device’s sync and charge cable to connect your device to the power bank. Connect your phone to the cable then insert the USB endinto the 5V output port on the power bank.

When should I charge my device?

It is best to begin recharging your device when it is around 30%. The power bank will drain more quickly if you wait until your phone battery is empty to begin charging as the initial 0 – 30% of a charge cycle is the most strenuous.

What devices will the power bank charge?

The power bank will charge any portable device that uses a USB adapter. There is no software on the power bank, so there will be no compatibility issues with the power bank itself. The cable included with the power bank has a micro USB adapter (meant to charge the power bank itself) and will not work to charge apple products. It is recommended to use the power cord that comes with your portable device.