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CD Replication

Our methodic approach and use of state-of-the-art technology for CD Replication makes us the ideal choice in the States. It is one of the most cost effective ways for producing large quantities of CDs within a short time frame. We ensure an unbeatable quality when it comes to CD replication by tens of thousands in a day.

Replication is the process of stamping the data into molded discs which lets the quality of data stay exactly as the original master copy. The discs are manufactured using high temperature injection molding and glass mastering. After the molding process is complete, the glass mastering method lets the data from the master disc transferred into it.

Glass mastering involves a real material made of glass that is coated by a chemical and is burned of laser. This glass master is the negative of the CD which is then coated with molten nickel and becomes a stamper. The stamper then punches tiny pits into the CDs being produced. Once the glass mastering is over, the replication process is almost complete. A layer of molten aluminum is coated on the data side of the disc, covering the pits. This is the reflective layer of the CD. Once the discs are printed as per your instructions and approval, they are sent for packaging.

The whole process is handled by seasoned professionals to provide absolutely no chance of error. Our services ensure impeccable audio performance with custom printing options on them that suits your budget. CD Replication is one of the professional choices for musicians, corporate houses and virtual training organizations as it minimizes the cost to a great extent.

Our price for CD Replication is very affordable and therefore we are the first choice for larger orders. Contact us to find out more about our services.