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DVD, CD Disc Printing Guidelines and Templates

These templates can be downloaded (Click the link, right click + 'Save As' or 'Save Target As') and used with programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, GIMP (Open Source), Corel Paint Shop, and so on. Save the artwork guideline templates to your computer and apply your personal artwork over the guidelines, ensuring that necessary elements remain within the predetermined lines of the templates and guidelines we provide.



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DVD & CD Disc Printing Guidelines
DVD Entrapment
Jewel Case Tray Card
Jewel Case 2 Panel Insert (1 card, front & back)
Jewel Case 4 Panel Insert (Folded card, front & back)
Printed Sleeve Template (Folded and glued)
CD Digipak Template

How to use our templates in Adobe Photoshop:

  • 1. Graphic must be a 1417x1417 square or circle. A square graphic will give us extra bleed in the center hub and outer radius to account for variances in CD/DVD surface.

  • 2. Open up the attached PSD in Photoshop. Leave layers turned on if prompted to flatten image.

  • 3. Open up graphic to be applied to our template in the same Photoshop workspace where you've previously opened our graphic.

  • 4. Drag graphic onto template. In Layer window on right hand of Photoshop window, graphic needs to be 'below' Guideline Template (as shown by Sample Layer, which can be turned off by clicking the eye next to it in the Layers window). If it drops on top, simply "click and hold" the graphic in the Layer window and drag it down underneath 'Template Guidelines'.

  • 5. Once you have determined that no critical elements are being cut off by the center hub or outer edge (as denoted by the blue text rings), save PSD as your 'filename.psd', leaving layers turned on (this allows us to turn off layers when it arrives for printing).

  • * Alternately, if you want to send your graphic as a JPG or other flattened file (PDF, PNG, etc.), turn off the template guidelines by clicking the eye next to the layer 'Template Guidelines' in the layer window' before saving in those formats.