What Are The Most Popular Types Of Music Genres?

What Are The Most Popular Types Of Music Genres 735x400 - What Are The Most Popular Types Of Music Genres?

Music is something that takes most of the world by storm. Without music, our lives would be a dull and boring place. Our music choice can reveal many things about our personalities, likings, and how we live our lives. These days, people use music in varied ways- As a means of relaxation, a favourite past-time or a way of earning. It is used in healing and therapy, as well. Music is a broad term, and there are many varied kinds of music genres in the world today. Hence, it is categorized into an array of genres in many different ways. However, in this article, we’ve outlined some of the most popular music genres that people have heard and liked so far:

Rock Music:

A few people argue that Rock music is a new genre while others say it’s a pop music category. Rock music, also called Rock & Roll, is a genre that evolved and became famous in the United States in the 1940s. You can find punk rock, classic rock, heavy metal, pop-rock and indie rock within the genre of Rock music. The genre, which centres on electric guitar, has left a mark in nearly every music artist’s record. Some famous Rock music artists who’ve made a positive influence in this genre are Jimi Hendrix, Elvis Presley.

Pop Music:

Pop music, the abbreviated version of popular music, was born during the 1950s. The genre is exceptionally upbeat electric. Pop music has several kinds of instruments and beats and often interchanges between rock, country and dance sounds but still has a unique quality and sound of its own. It is also commercially recorded, and you’ll find it across street-side corners as well. This music genre has been made globally famous by artists such as Michael Jackson and Madonna, who have drastically influenced Pop music.

Soul and R&B:

Soul and R&B (short term for Rhythm and Blues), has dramatically changed over the past few years but is still popular among people. It’s basically an African-American music genre that came around the 1940s. However, during the 1980s, one new R&B version was developed called contemporary R&B. Great artists like The Clovers, and Johny Otis influenced R&B during the 1950s. But it was in the 1990s and the 2000s when the genre became more inclined towards Pop music. Hence, it’s confusing to say whether artists like Lady Gaga and Beyoncé are really Pop artists or R&B artists.

Hip Hop and Rap:

Hip Hop is another genre that has undergone several changes and is more connected with Rap music now. Earlier, Hip Hop was a specific music genre where the music piece would comprise a speech and a rhythm that’s chanted to a beat. The genre was related to graffiti, break dancing and beatboxing. But now, many people consider Hip Hop and Rap music as the same music category. The famous artists who have influenced Hip Hop Music’s world include De La Soul, Nas, and Lil Wayne.

Country Music:

This music genre owes its origin to Southern US, way back during the 19th century. Country music revolves around sing-song tales, dance tunes and ballads accompanied by instruments like fiddles, harmonicas and guitars. Over time, lighter music beats have become a crucial part of Country music as well. The genre was made famous by artists such as Tim McGraw, Kris Kristofferson and now, Taylor Swift.
There are several more kinds of music genres like Jazz, Folk and Garage music which are as famous as those mentioned above. Different nations and cultures have their own types of music as well! Music plays a massive role in our existence on the planet, and there’ll always be some music being created.

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