Top Ways to Gain Inspiration as a Song Writer

Top Ways to Gain Inspiration as a Song Writer 735x400 - Top Ways to Gain Inspiration as a Song Writer

Are you a passionate song writer? Have you come across writer’s block at some point in time? Well, you must have. However, you are not the only one, there are many others who dealt with it. Sometimes your mind may be full of unique song writing ideas. But there are times when you would run dry, and no song writing ideas come to mind. On such occasions, a number of song writers wonder as to how to find inspiration to write a new song.

There are a lot of song writing inspiration sources around you. You just need to look for them and take inspiration. Here are some of the best ways to find inspiration as a professional song writer.

Listen to Others

Are you a good listener? If not, start becoming one. Listening to others can provide you with plenty of ideas to craft unique songs. You can listen to the achievements, hard times, experiences, and break up stories of a family member, friend, or even a stranger, and draw inspiration for your next song. A single real-life story can offer you a number of song writing ideas. Try to feel the situation of the other person and connect it to something similar that you have experienced in your own life. This can definitely work to help you come up with some amazing song writing ideas.

Go on a Walk

You must be wondering how going on a walk can help in finding inspiration for a song writer. Well, according to studies, during as well as after a walk, the creativity of people increases by about 60 percent. A walk can help in reducing your stress and connecting with nature better. When walking in a park or your neighborhoods, try looking carefully at the sky, trees, houses, and whatever comes your way. Ask yourself what you feel seeing them or what sound you can hear. This will surely provide you with some kind of song writing inspiration.

Read Books

Books are not just a source of knowledge but can also be an inspiration source. Pick up any fictional or music-related books, and you will surely find some excellent ideas to build your song on. Try reading books that you do not prefer to read normally. It can be fictional stories, tragedies, or true love stories. Even reading magazines can offer you inspiration as a song writer. Make sure to read the books with an open mind in order to get the best ideas. Moreover, try getting out of your comfort zone to write some unique songs.

Listen to other Music

Other songs and music can also be an ideal source of your inspiration for writing a new song. When you are out of song writing ideas, consider investing some significant amount of time and listening to music. Find some reputed albums and prepare a playlist. Then start listening to the playlist very closely and mindfully. Along with listening to the songs, make sure to analyze them in your mind. Think about what you like the best in the songs and what you don’t. This will help in providing you with quite a number of ideas for your next song.


When you are a song writer, there is no hard and fast rule that you have to write the songs all by yourself. You can take some help from others too. When you fall short of song writing ideas and are looking for inspiration, it’s a great idea to collaborate with a local musician or your friends. They can work with you on the next project, and you can easily find some new ideas to craft an engaging song.

Writing a new song isn’t always easy. Even when you are a song writer, there can be times when you run short of ideas. However, at such times, do not be discouraged. Instead, look for inspirations around you and write your new song in the best possible way.


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