Top 6 ways to release an album so that people want to buy it

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Several musicians consider manufacturing and mastering of the disc as the finishing line. They work really hard and spend a lot to mix and record their music, and once they receive the end product, there is generally a great sense of achievement. Sadly, many bands make the error of putting their album out and observing what happens next at this stage.

However, the truth is that when you receive the album copies in pretty disc packaging, you must be prepared with an album launch plan. That’s because, after the effort and cost you put in, you would obviously want people to buy and hear your track, right?

Here are six tips to successfully releasing your new music album:

Raise awareness for your album while it is still in the development phase:

Use your social media handles, blog, and email newsletter to create awareness and update people on the music recording process. It would help if you shared rough mixes, video clips, and pictures from the music studio. Based on your music production period, you will likely have around a year to get people psyched about your upcoming album launch.

Record a music video:

Whether you opt for a traditional music video production with sets and actors, or some low-budget shoot, ensure that you have one music video launched briefly after you release a single from your album to support the track and to also receive extra coverage for the upcoming album launch on music news websites and blogs. Additionally, if the track and music video is good, your fans would share it with their dear ones, which will also help you get more visibility.

Finds ways to make your song ubiquitous:

Look for ways to get that single before your fans. Do not be obnoxious, but think of new ways: story behind creating the song, information on the recording, credit to people and players who helped to record the song, a news announcement, etc.

Plan an album release party:

Make sure to have a buffer period of around three months between when the CDs arrive at your doorstep from the disc manufacturer and the date of your release. That provides you enough time to send the entire album as well as a press release to radio station directors, bloggers, journalists, podcasters, and more. It will also provide ample room in case of unforeseen delays in receiving the discs from the supplier.

Ensure that your CD release party turns out to be a special occurrence, something that’s more than a simple show: maybe different instrumentation or design, special guests, different type of setting. Once it’s booked and you have determined how it could be an unforgettable event, conduct big promotions online. Besides, you could also put up banners or posters across the town. Most importantly, get the existing fans, friends, and family excited about the release, so they bring more people to attend it.

Inform the press:

Now it’s time for a little PR outreach. Send the journalists, DJs, and bloggers an email with details related to your upcoming album and CD release party. Explain why the event can be covered in their next story. Also, ensure that you include a URL to your press page and music video on your site that has the audio for the new album.

Revamp your site:

You might have made changes to your site probably when you uploaded your last music album. So, waste no more time and revamp the site. Make use of elements from the upcoming album design, as that will add stability to your branding. Besides, update your music player, bio, and photos. Also, ensure that all your website links are relevant and live. Lastly, don’t forget to add links for the album on Spotify, Amazon, etc.

These are a few ways to have a successful album launch. If you can attain the tips mentioned above, you will surely be in a good position. Try not to worry too much. Remember, your music album release must be a happy event that makes you feel proud for the times to come.


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