Top 5 Best-selling Albums of all-time!

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During the 90’s the buzz was about Nirvana and Metallica albums that came out once in a year, unlike today. But the best part of it was the anxiety and long queues outside music stores to grab CD’s of the latest album. Today, all the hype is digital – right from the announcement of album release to the actual release of the album on YouTube. Reliving those memories, we go back to those good ol’ times and find out which albums have been the all-time best-sellers and why!

  1. The Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd

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Rumoured to be the best-seller of this century, this album by Pink Floyd is still popular amongst today’s generation. Needless to say, it’s vouched as a classic. Sometimes it’s difficult to see reason that how an album that came out in 1973’s still finds a place in any music lover’s playlist. After all we don’t even remember when we last used landline phones! But seems like this music has transcended times and seems as new as first everytime we play them!

  1. Led Zeppelin IV (a.k.a OSO) by Led Zeppelin

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Another timeless melody, Led Zeppelin is more celebrated than any other pop artist of today’s generation. Every band, artist and music knowing person has at least once listened to Led Zeppelin’s music, no matter which country or dialect they belong from. Comprising of ‘Stairway to the Heaven’ – the greatest solo of all time, this album is a treat for everyone, from lovers of rock and roll to hardcore head bangers.

  1. Revolver by Beatles

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Comprising of a total of 14 songs and each one being uniquely distinct from each other and grows in your mind. While there had been many arguments that Beatles and Pink Floyd are vastly overrated but that doesn’t anyway affect the fandom this band has worldwide! The songs like “Tomorrow Never Dies” has been used in countless number of movie references proving it was way ahead of its’ time.

  1.      Abbey Road – The Beatles
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Another Beatles masterpiece that keeps you hooked to it! This album is known for its guitar solos that keep up with the comic vibe of the songs. Perfect for long drives, sleepovers and after a long day at the office, this album we bet is the favorite album of many- Beatles fans or not!

  1. The Wall by Pink Floyd             the wall - Top 5 Best-selling Albums of all-time!
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An album that has various scary elements put together with some exceptional music, this album is certainly not for the faint-hearts! And, if you’ve seen the movie then we guess you already have a hunch of how the album is going to be. With songs like Another Brick in the Wall, Young Lust, Hey You, Run Like Hell, The Trial, and of course, Comfortably Numb, this album has won hearts through decades and stays exemplary for music composers till date.

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