Songwriting Advice- Tips to achieve songwriting success

Songwriting Advice 735x400 - Songwriting Advice- Tips to achieve songwriting success

Heart-touching lyrics paired with stunning musical compositions are something that all songwriters try to achieve. Following certain songwriting advice will help you in your journey to becoming a successful songwriter. Well, who knows, you may be the next Kurt Cobain, Bob Marley, or someone famous.

First, it is significant to keep in mind that whatever you try or do, the correct mindset and attitude will always bring the best outcome. Songwriting is an art that you should love doing from your heart. With this being said, there is no doubt that you will have to all put in your best effort!

Here are some tips you should consider to craft hit songs.

Title Selection:

An important piece of songwriting advice often overlooked when it comes to songwriting is the title selection. The song title gives the listeners a brief idea of what the song is about as well as its type. In one way, the title becomes your song’s soul. Ideally, when the listeners hear the title, it should have their imagination churning. The title should be catchy, short, easy-to-remember, and appealing.

So, how can you generate unique song titles? Once you get used to it, good song titles aren’t that challenging to search. Look for inspiration. Inspiration is everywhere. Waiting for inspiration can often lead to all your songs sounding similar. But by keeping your ears and eyes open, you will be able to find inspiration around you. They could be the usual everyday phrases that you hear on television, during conversations or notice in newspapers or magazines. However, don’t forget to note them down immediately.

Great Dynamics:

The next crucial songwriting advice is to consider dynamics. Every good song needs great dynamics to avoid monotony and to grab the listener’s interest and attention. Great dynamics would help make your song more appealing. For instance, let’s consider Celine Dion’s popular song ‘My Heart Will Go On.’ The song starts with a melodic flute tune. The initial verses are low-pitched and offer depth to the song, while the last verse changes by going on a high speed. If the song didn’t have any dynamics, it would’ve risked being monotonous and boring and wouldn’t have likely been the hit that it is to date.

Song Lyrics:

Before you write the song lyrics, you need to first determine your target listeners and ensure that the lyrics attract them. Next, you need to start with a powerful opening, followed by simple lyrics that bring out your message.

Pay close attention to the density and meter of your lyrics. The meter should depend on unstressed and stressed syllables. Meanwhile, it would help if you varied your density, which refers to the no. of words that are sung in a specific time frame, to make the song more dynamic and livelier. Rappers are known for making the best use of density and meters.

Use Rhymes (if possible):

It’s not mandatory for songs to rhyme, although you will find that lyrics of some of the hit songs do have a rhyme pattern. It is often the rhyme of the song that helps most listeners recall famous songs. In simple words, rhymes indeed help a song in becoming a hit.

The best rhyme schemes generally are fairly simple, though the use of too predictable or cliched rhymes could also hamper your song.

So, work hard, follow the above-listed songwriting advice and enjoy the journey of crafting new songs. Besides, create a good atmosphere for songwriting. The environment drastically affects how you feel when you write. A few people find a special spot at home or somewhere outside to help them write. If you feel like you are in a funk, you could even try decorating your writing space. Also, you could try out new methods and ideas. Do you often start the writing procedure at the same place? Shake things up! Try starting with a verse instead of the hook or a drumbeat.



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