Secrets to Building a Bigger Audience for your Music

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With Indie music and cover artists are swarming on YouTube, here are some of the hugely misunderstood elementary ideas that need to be revamped for reaching out to more number of people and raising both the standards as well as your career graph.

There’s a basic difference between marketing & distribution of resources. Well, let’s say if you’re uploading your music video on YouTube, you’re generating content. But when you provide the free download link of the same video on your SoundCloud account, you’re distributing it and not marketing it. Marketing is why & when people come to your channel to listen to your music, let alone downloading the same. Why should they choose your channel to listen to music, or why should they even bother clicking your suggested video until you don’t have something unique that makes their decision of downloading your song overpower their choice of not downloading it – that overpowering is where marketing comes into place!

    1. Youtube:
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A lot of people believe that just by uploading videos on YouTube and gaining subscribers they are ensuring a stable musical career, but they’re only distributing the music on a better platform. For example – you don’t buy a product on Amazon, just because it is on Amazon, rather you buy it on Amazon as you like the product already and prefer to buy it on Amazon for added benefits like fast delivery or sale. Similarly, the visitors and subscribers of your channel would need to like and resonate with your music. If you do cover songs of Justin Bieber, it is highly likely people who like listening to Justin Bieber songs would like your own rendition of the same.

You can increase your audience by performing live in various musical concerts, following the people who share the same taste in music, provide free merchandise and CDs branded with your name in order to reach out to a wider mass.

  1. Social Media:

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So, now you’re an artist who has a pretty good YouTube channel and out of the same circle, a few subscribers follow you on social media. But, what about the rest of the world? If you’ve got the skills and are doing something different then people should be made aware of it. The bigger network you have the better chances are for getting recognized and ending up with better choices. After all, it’s always our choices than our abilities which define what we truly are. And by choices here I mean, new opportunities. A lot of big-time music labels, music directors, brands look for fresh voices, and if you’re recognized or are popular in the crowd, chances are you may end up with it.

  1. Website Marketing

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In the end, people have hundreds of thousands of subscribers, but very few can resonate with what they need from you. Be it requests, building connections or signing new contracts all that really matters is a personal relationship. Everybody loves to have a role to play in his or her’s favorite celebrity’s life and that’s only possible when you have a website portal where you ask permission for your subscriber’s email ids for a more direct approach. But, yes one also needs to keep it in mind that it needs to be done without any compulsion or obtrusive way.

Overall, an entertainer needs to be entertaining new people every day and keeping them engaged. As long as you have a relationship with your fan-base you can soar to heights because of the same.

Good Luck!

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