Making a rock band- What is the role of each band member?

rock band 735x400 - Making a rock band- What is the role of each band member?

Confused about how to make your own rock band?

Well, each musician goes through that phase.

So today, we will discuss how many members a band generally comprises and what role each of them plays.

Ideally, most music ensemble bands or groups follow one consistent configuration. The most common is the four-piece band comprising one drummer, one bassist, and two guitarists. Either one or both the guitarists usually sing, though there are a few bands wherein the bassist or drummer act as the vocalists. Another common notion is that a vocalist doesn’t play any musical instrument, concentrating more on grabbing the audience’s attention and making their performance livelier.

Lead guitarist:

Also called solo guitar, a musician who has been assigned a lead guitar generally plays the song’s main melody. That includes guitar solos, instrumental parts, and a few important riffs that stand out. A lead guitarist is usually found in a rock band that has two guitarists as part of their band.


A lead vocalist uses their voice as the band’s main melody. Although the other members of the band can join in and sing along, it’s typically the vocalist’s voice that stands out and grabs the audience’s attention. The vocalist’s melody is very prominent in the entire song. In contrast, the melody of the backing vocalists can be heard in a few of the song’s sections, especially in chorus or bridge. A famous vocalist in a rock band who doesn’t play any instrument is Late British singer Freddie Mercury of the band ‘Queen.’


A bassist is a band member who plays low brass musical instrument of a song. They generally connect the rhythm and the beat, helping the drums and guitars blend better. Besides, the brass lines even feature slapping, tapping, as well as a few other tricks. A popular bassist is Michael Balzary from the band Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Rhythm (Second) Guitarist:

While a lead guitarist plays the ‘crucial’ parts like prominent riffs and guitar solos, the rhythm guitarist introduces a melody foundation that makes a song sound much more solid. If in case a vocalist isn’t present, a rhythm guitarist takes over the vocals. A good example of vocalist-guitarists includes Dave Mustaine of Megadeth and James Hetfield from Metallica. But, these two at times also do guitar solos of a few songs.


The drummer produces music or sound by beating numerous instruments known as a drum set or drum kit. The drummer decides the song’s pace, allowing the guitarist and bassist to follow. A prominent drummer of all time is none other than Phil Collins of the band Genesis. That’s because he’s among those drummers who is also a vocalist.

Pianist or keyboardist and other musical instruments:

A few rock bands deploy a few other instruments for replacing drums, bass, or guitars. A few hire pianists or keyboardists who can generally fill up the spot for the bass and guitars. Many bands make use of electronic beats rather than a live drummer.

So, now that you know the role of each band member, you need to find them, of course, depending on what kind of band you intend to be as well as the type of music you’d play. The internet is one of the best places to look for bandmates. You could also put up ads in music shops, cafes and other such places. Don’t just stick to one option; try out as many options as you can.

Once you find the members, look for a good place where you all can practice as a rock band. Practice will ensure that you and your bandmates build a rapport. Additionally, as the recording process is expensive, it would help if everyone practices well to avoid any unwanted mishaps at the studio. Make practicing a routine; the band should be a priority.

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