How to turn your audio podcast into a video podcast?

How to turn your audio podcast into a video podcast 735x400 - How to turn your audio podcast into a video podcast?

The podcasting world isn’t something new to the majority of industry professionals and content creators. But still, the number of podcast listeners goes on to trend in the upward direction in nearly every aspect. And for the ones working in the video and film industry, these increasing numbers just cannot be ignored.

Traditionally, a podcast does not feature video. Instead, it is generally considered to be something that a person listens to. But you will be surprised to know that nearly 50% of the podcast listening occurs at home than in cars. And as more podcasts get created and achieve success, more podcasters seek to get into video creation as both the options stand a chance to boost followers and revenue and grow their online brands.

Different styles of video podcasts:

Let’s begin by looking at the various approaches you could follow for a video podcast. These will vary for each podcast, depending on your target audience and how you want to present your content. The aim of video creation is to offer relevant, useful video content that audio lacks.

PowerPoint video podcast style:

This is one of the best options for many traditional podcasters. If you have a backlog of recorded content already, adding a simple PowerPoint video aspect is an approach you could try out. And, it is not difficult.

Consider using it just like how you give a pitch deck or PowerPoint presentation and need slides to present alongside your speech or script. Whether you are using simple text or images on screen, making a podcast with visual aspects to illustrate your key points can prove to be pretty helpful. Especially if you utilize a few basic editing tricks and tips to include some animation as well as motion graphics.

Livestream style:

The other style that many podcasters adopt for adding a video is the Livestream approach. This style is as easy as setting an action camera in your studio and capturing your entire podcast as Livestream.

From Twitch to Vimeo to Facebook, live streaming can work wonders in connecting you with your followers. And, in several instances, it offers you a video that you can publish for the people to listen to and watch later.

YouTube Vlog Style:

If you wish to hop over to higher-production quality, making YouTube vlog videos may be a good option for you. Why YouTube? That’s because the video-sharing platform has many famous YouTubers already, who often opt for a podcast set up and focus on video creation elements and on-camera appearance or performance.

Here, you are required to employ more production and editing time, as you will likely set several shots and splice things together tightly. However, it could also be more lucrative and a next step in the world of video podcasting.

What do you need for recording video podcasts?

If you are a podcaster already, you’d know a little about how to record audio and what kind of microphones are needed. In the case of video creation, you could try anything right from recording to a laptop, action camera, or smartphone directly to shooting in any digital camera.

For individuals who are new to video podcasts, lighting is of chief concern. It is also important to realize that podcasts generally are long-form and can last for a few minutes to even a few hours. Recording for a long period can be challenging for a few setups and cameras. Hence, research before you spend in a camera to record your podcast.

Editing your video podcasts:

As discussed above, even while you use the simplest PowerPoint style, you are still likely to create long-form videos. A long video means long publishing, rendering as well as exporting time and large file size too.

But over time, you will understand that in video production, editing may take 10x more time than actual filming. Hence, it’s highly advised that you begin with a short video podcast with simple basic edits.

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