How to get your music noticed?

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Being an artist, one of your most important jobs is to generate demand for the music you create. It’s something that requires dedication and patience towards your craft, instead of constant comparison and jealously to others from your field.

Did you know, over 2 million songs are released each month on various streaming platforms? That is a stunning figure. So, with such a big pool of music, how can you, as an independent artist, compete with others. It sounds like a difficult task, doesn’t it? Fret not as in this article; we have listed a few crucial ways to help you with music promotion and generate demand.

Remember, the way to grab attention towards your music isn’t just by releasing it digitally and putting it across social media. The way for gaining popularity is by doing grassroots task of generating demand for your music.

How can you generate demand for your music?

In the initial stage of your career, generating demand for the music you create is done quite locally by gaining a few fans or one fan step by step. If you are ready to do so, the usual old fundamentals will work like how they always do:

Write down amazing songs:

Not just nice songs but amazing songs that your fans would love to share.

Conduct amazing live shows:

Not just good shows but amazing ones that provide your fans an experience that they will talk about with their friends or family.

Develop a fanbase:

Use the opportunities that you have at present to get in front of new fans, and then try to determine how you can reach them. This isn’t just about the live concerts or performances; you could collaborate with the other musicians or artists through their social media, cover tracks of one another, and cross-link through social media to introduce yourself to new fans. In case you are a lot more creative, you can also look for other ways of music distribution to get more people to notice you.


Gather email addresses to carry out music promotion through your social feeds.

Spend on smart marketing:

To develop a good fanbase, you should invest in smart marketing. Free, social, and organic posts aren’t enough. You will not receive the desired level of attention only through these. Facebook likely screens out around 80% of your connections from viewing your posts. Hence, it is vital to invest in smart marketing to get yourself in front of your potential fan following. You could give a boost to your social media posts. Buy a few Facebook ads. Besides, there are several other budget-friendly marketing choices available out there to try.

Don’t expect success overnight:

Overnight success isn’t really a thing. Success and fame come from hard work and continuous determination to bring out the best music. Every new album release builds upon the earlier release. It fetches you more likes, subscribers, followers, and fans. And when you continue working on your writing, music, performance, and marketing, you boost your chances of accomplishing your music goals.

Keep working hard:

Don’t get demotivated by the rising number of releases in the market. Those songs, those artists, aren’t your only competition. Your key competition is ‘you.’ So, if you keep working hard and don’t falter from your dream, your goals will always be within reach.

Apart from these tips, you can also sell your music through physical CDs/DVDs. That will streamline your music distribution process and help you reach more fans. All you need to do is upload your audio file and artwork on the website of a CD printing company. That’s it. Upon receiving the discs, you can distribute them and reach more listeners.

Quality DVD printing helps attract the attention of people. Hence, make sure you choose a reputed and reliable CD printing company that offers you superior quality print solutions.

So, these were some ways to create demand for your music. Be it social media, mouth-to-mouth publicity, or DVD printing, use the channels that can truly help your music get discovered by people.

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