How to buy the best new custom brand USB with company name and logo?

custom brand USB with company name and logo 735x400 - How to buy the best new custom brand USB with company name and logo?

Whether you are the owner of a business or a member of a company’s marketing team, having a custom USB with the company logo in your marketing strategy can offer immense benefits. Distributing USB flash drives with your company name and logo emblazoned on them during an upcoming conference or seminar is a great way to increase your brand awareness, boost your reputation and remind the recipients about your product/service for years to come.

Of course, the success quotient of this move depends on several factors, with one of the most significant being the design of your custom USB drive. Below are some tips to get you started:

Align your custom USB drives with your company’s design standard:

To market and brand your company successfully, you need to have a consistent image and look. That is especially true in the case of personalized USB with company logo as your recipients are likely to use this handy device many times a day. Hence, ensure that its design aligns with your company’s design standard as well as other visual aspects such as fonts, logo, and other graphics.

Choose a casing material that’s appropriate for your company:

Most companies offering USB printing services have different options to choose from for the USB drive’s casing material. When choosing the casing material, don’t just dive into selecting the most inexpensive one. Instead, choose the material that showcases your company’s values and image and appeals to the recipients. For instance, if you are a high-end brand, it would make no sense to opt for a cheap quality plastic casing while placing an order for a personalized USB with company logo.

Personalize the shape and form:

If your company’s logo is round in shape, why not choose a circular USB casing? Stylus and clip-type USB flash drives are also eye-catching and impressive designs. The choices are endless, especially when dealing with a company that offers a variety of USB casing designs. That way, you not only elevate the ‘wow’ factor for your custom USB with company logo but also increase the chances of them being used more often due to the distinct design.

Select a good memory capacity:

If you plan on pre-loading your company’s sales materials in the USB flash drive, it is essential to have adequate space on your drive. A good memory capacity will help store your company’s critical data and ensure that the device would be of value to your recipients. There’s actually a balance between selecting a memory space that meets your budget perfectly against a high memory space that makes the drive more appealing to the recipients. The smaller the space on the USB drive, the cheaper its cost will be.

Ensure that your artwork is in the proper format:

If you want to make your custom USB drives look good, then it’s significant to make your artwork in a high resolution. Moreover, ensure that your artwork’s format doesn’t stretch or shrink the picture data in order to get a clear quality image imprinted on the drive.

Make definite time frames:

Most companies that offer USB printing services offer quick turnaround time and deliver the product within few days. Hence, make sure that you check the turn time while placing your order to avoid any unwanted delays or stress related to your final product’s delivery.

In a world revolving around technology, promotional USB drives make the ideal gift to capture an audience of any age group. Incredible as marketing products, customized USB drives with the company name and logo are an ideal way to get your business noticed. Try them now to enhance your brand visibility and make more people aware of your products/services.

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