How can you promote your music independently in 2021?

How can you promote your music independently in 2021 735x400 - How can you promote your music independently in 2021?

Independent musicians have more new opportunities now than before for launching their careers without any backing or large budgets. While we see some new artists making big on their own, there are still several other promising and talented ones who don’t know how to get started with their career or promote music. Moreover, with many tracks released daily, getting your record heard has become challenging. But luckily, with the help of the right tactics and strategies, every artist can have their music heard by the right individual.

Below are some valuable tips that can help you promote music independently and get noticed.

Electronic Press Kit:

Whether you pitch your tracks or send your music to mix curators/playlists, having a great electronic press kit (EPK) is a non-negotiable thing. Having essential details about you and your music available with ease is vital for initial outreach. An updated EPK, including imagery, key data, social statistics, and music, will help promote music. However, if you don’t have the budget to get the EPK professionally, you can put up a post on your social handles and see if anyone can help take a few snaps of you. Then, you can look for a free electronic press kit template on the internet and use it.

Proper Distribution:

If you don’t have good music or audio distribution service in place, you are probably missing out on having your track being streamed on Apple Music or Spotify, getting downloaded or bought from stores like iTunes, or featured on the playlists. To promote music independently, it is crucial to subscribe to a reliable music distribution service and distribute your track across significant streaming platforms and stores.

Share your Tracks in Niche Communities:

When you share your track with music communities online that match your niche, it helps promote your new release. First, you need to identify the target listeners and the platforms they reach out to for consuming music. There are several free tools available these days to help you learn more about your target audience. Once you are well equipped with the details you need for targeting the correct listeners, start participating in discussions or conversations and share your music in their respective niche communities, be it Twitch channel or Facebook group.

Create Your Network/Fan Base:

As a musician, it’s critical to build your network. You can network and create a strong following within nearby venues by playing amazing sets for your local fans, sending your track to the promoters, and engaging with your online community. Playing gigs every day is sure a lot of hard work, but if you have a live hit show, the results will speak for themselves. Your fan base often acts as your biggest support system, so make sure you keep them pumped and engaged in spreading the word about an upcoming track.

Create a Website and Mailing List:

Building a professional website helps create your online presence as a musician, but what’s more important is creating a dedicated and extensive mailing list. Your site should, of course, include URLs to your bios and music, but it must also include a mailing sign-up list. Email marketing provides access to the inbox of people who are likely to listen to the music you produce.

If any fan signs up to your newsletter, it implies that they wish to stay updated with your work. As such, a direct message to their inboxes informing them about your new release is more likely to be clicked onto compared to a social media post.

So, are you all set to get your music out there? Consider these tips to promote music and put into practice what you have learned above. Your music marketing strategy will initially take time to show results, so don’t get tensed. The crucial thing here is to take advantage of all the resources you have at your disposal instead of depending on only one thing.

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