Direct Disc Printing vs. CD Labels- Which is better?

Direct Disc Printing vs CD Labels Which is better 735x400 - Direct Disc Printing vs. CD Labels- Which is better?

You have a CD ready and wish to create your distinct mark. Whether it contains music, data, or audio recording, branding the CD using your custom artwork will help you stay ahead of the competition. If the CD isn’t printed, it will remain plain silver on either side. That creates problems as it will be difficult for you to differentiate one CD from another and realize which disc should be inserted into the drive/player. Here, you could either opt for direct disc printing or CD labels that you can stick on at home. However, determining which one is a better choice could be a challenging task. Hence, in this blog, we have explained the significant differences between the two to help choose the ideal option.

Print quality and design:

In the case of direct disc printing, full-color artwork is printed on your CD directly. No CD labels are used, and no adhesive or paper is involved in this process. If you maintain the disc properly, the artwork on printed CDs lasts for years to come than those with an adhesive label. A CD label would fade away with time and could get damaged by water and scratches, while direct CD printing is water-resistant and scratch-proof and is made to last.


It is tricky to apply a CD label onto a disc. If the label is stuck off-center, has air bubbles, or peels off from heat, wear and time, it could cause issues with the CD playability and potential damage to the CD drive/player as the disc won’t spin properly. As a result, you could waste a complete disc and the custom printed label as well.

On the other hand, under direct disc printing, most online companies use advanced inkjet printing technology to print the artwork directly on the CD. This kind of printing method offers an array of design styles, from solid to photographic color. The end-result is a full-color design that runs edge-to-edge. Moreover, the print of an inkjet-printed CD is water-resistant, which protects the disc from splashes.


If you are happily creating the CD label template at home by yourself and plan on making only a handful of discs, it would be cost-effective to use CD labels. However, you may want to bear the additional cost of a good label press if you want to properly apply a label to the disc. And that would cost you more or less the same as it would if you ordered printed discs.


Sticking CD labels onto each disc is time-consuming and requires a lot of effort from your end. But if you want your discs to be turned around within a short time, opting for direct disc printing would be a better option because of the set-up speed and quick turnaround time.

So which is a better option?

From the above-listed points, it is pretty evident that you won’t get the type of quality with CD labels as you can with printed discs. For around the same cost, as you’d pay to create a custom CD label template, you can get your hands on good quality and future-proof disc through direct CD printing technology.

The final product is of much premium quality than what you’d get with custom CD labels, and the price is affordable as well. Moreover, directly printed CDs are scratch-proof and waterproof and don’t cause harm to a CD drive/player.

It is much easier to get a CD printed directly online than to label it. You also get the choice to work with your preferred artwork, or you could also choose among the various templates available on the company’s website. So give a try to a company that offers CD printing services online to get quality artwork printed on your discs at reasonable prices and quick turnaround time.

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