7 Ways For Musicians To Make More Money With Their Talent

7 Ways For Musicians To Make More Money With Their Talent 735x400 - 7 Ways For Musicians To Make More Money With Their Talent

If music is your passion, it is one of the best ways to make a living. Whether it is your part-time or full-time hobby, selling music can prove to be a great way to earn more money out of something that you love. Wondering how you can do that? Well, you have arrived at the correct spot. In this blog, we’ve listed seven ways that you, as a musician, can use to earn more money through your music and make your dream a reality.

Seven Ways To Earn More Money With Music

Earn streaming royalties via digital distribution:

For better understanding, it’s essential to know what is streaming service and distribution network. In simple words, a streaming service basically is a platform that people use for listening to music. Meanwhile, a distribution network distributes as well as gathers royalties from these streaming services. Royalty is the income that the musicians earn for their music that’s being streamed. Hence, ensure that that you choose the right streaming platform and also know what kind of services the distribution network offers, their royalty payment procedure, their pricing, etc.

Book gigs:

Playing live music is another profitable way for a musician to earn more. Though the internet makes it easy to live stream a music performance, there isn’t anything better than seeing your favourite music artist perform in front of you. As such, you need to find some local places to play like restaurants, corporate events, parties or events to develop your audience-base. You can also check out a few good gig-booking sites to spot venues that accept new acts.

Make a website:

A blog or website is an excellent way to display as well as sell the music you have created. Besides, you can also publicize your availability for paid gigs. Don’t know how to start? You can search for platforms designed particularly to develop band or musician websites. On the other hand, you can also develop your website on your own.

Teach online or in-person:

If you are good at singing or playing any musical instrument, you can share your skill with others who wish to learn. There are a couple of websites that make it easy for musicians to search for people and tutor them without any expensive advertising or marketing. You could also gain students through the fan-following you have through your previous gigs.

Become a band stand-in:

You know how good you are in your work, so why not allow some active local bands to learn about it? You can offer to become a band stand-in for absent or sick band members. Besides helping you make money, this might also lead you to land a more significant opportunity, such as joining a new band or making your own.

Open a YouTube Channel:

You can make more money on YouTube with the help of your music. You could record yourself performing on some song and put these videos on your YouTube channel. This tactic has helped several successful pop stars such as Soulja Boy and Justin Bieber, get discovered. In addition to this, you could also make more money by giving free music video lessons and monetize through these tutorials.

Enter competitions:

Music artists such as Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson and One Direction have all kick-started their career via singing competitions. So what keeps you waiting? But don’t just focus on mainstream TV reality shows. You need to search for some local competitions that can help you receive attention and allow you to network with the other performers as well.


For musicians these days, it is rare to gather revenue from just one source. Hence, raising funds to finance your own music and developing multiple revenue streams which you can manage easily is a great way to have a profitable yet satisfying music career.

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