5 Common Mistakes Most Newbie Music Producers Make

5 Common Mistakes Most Newbie Music Producers Make 735x400 - 5 Common Mistakes Most Newbie Music Producers Make

No matter what profession, one keeps learning from their mistakes and acquiring new skills- and music production certainly isn’t an exception! Every music producer makes mistakes either during the session’s beginning or later at some point in sound mixing/designing. Often, it is challenging to notice the errors that you have made until they are pointed out. So, if you are guilty of making the below listed common, recurring mistakes, it’s time to address and outright avoid them.

Not eliminating unnecessary low end:

That is likely the most heard of and common mistake! Many newbie music producers keep a low frequency on their pads, synths and the other middle/high-ranking instruments. However, this inadvertently results in the whole mix, becoming cluttered and muddy. The low music frequencies on every instrument start piling up and could lead to a muddy or boomy mix. Therefore, cut out the unnecessary low end if you want to make a good soundtrack.


New music producers likely get more thrilled and want to commence everything in one go. In many instances, less means more when talking about your sound mix. Adding tons of elements on every track can make it sound terrible and over-processed. It sure is alluring to show off the new techniques you have seen and learnt. However, you shouldn’t apply each plugin and each technique that you’ve seen. Listen carefully to the sound and understand its issues, then select the correct instruments for fixing them. You won’t achieve the sound you desire if you do not know when and how to use a plugin.

Too much layering:

Layering is an essential technique in the present EDM; however, most new producers overdo it. Many of them tend to use a lot of layers when it comes to the instrument tracks. However, too much layering introduces mud, noise and other problems to your mix. If you do not have adequate experience, don’t invest a lot of time in layering and processing. Listen to the sound of your main instrument and decide what you truly wish to add- maybe some broad synth patterns for attaining a wider stereo spread or a few mid-range layers for making it fuller.

Insufficient layers:

On the flip side, many new music producers tend to use just one basic synth for their core lead. Generally, this sounds exceptionally flat in contrast to the reference tracks. Layering is needed to create a vast heap of synths which complement one another and make a massive and desired EDM sound. However, you need to maintain a good balance here. Listen to every instrument in your track and then compare it with your most-loved songs. That’s the most accessible means to know what you are precisely required to add.

Inaccurate panning:

Everyone wants to make their production sound big and wide. However, it’s not necessary to make each song sound big just for the sake of it. Every soundtrack is unique- and at times, with correct equalization- it might work wonders. But, be sure to think of how you place your main plugins in stereo field. There are no strict rules, of course- so one of the best ways is by utilizing reference tracks with the same instruments and experimenting with different panning settings.


Hopefully, these highlighted five errors that are often knowingly or unknowingly made by newbie music producers will provide a bit of insight into certain things you can try working on. Of course, there aren’t any golden rules as such when it comes to these. You can look into just one or maybe two factors back and forth. But don’t hold back to exploring your creativity in whatever means you like.

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