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Why You Should Never Buy Another Blank CD or DVD Again

Over the last 3 years photographers have been in our top 3 fastest growing niche groups. Which to us seemed odd at first, because other than wedding videographers we never had this group call on us in the last 30 years. Several years ago when the writing was on the wall for the decline of audio and video cassettes we put a lot of money into research and development of full color printing for CD and DVD media. The end product is our Talon Print System that we operate on both ends of the country. This system is digital, requiring no screens or films and little changeover time. The UV cured ink technology, using 2,530 nozzles produces at high speed a full color and waterproof finish. This allows us to ship as few as 100 discs plus any graphic for as little as .37 cents. We still don’t fully understand all the reasons photographers use discs. But what we do know is that they come to us by the hundreds, and are delighted with our quick turn time and service.
If you are buying desk top printers, ink, ribbons, and blank media, we can do it quicker, better, for less.
Give us a call at 800 598-8273 or see us at WePrintDiscs.com.
Alan, President
Updated: August 30, 2013 — 3:57 pm

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Jim Martija is writer for We Print Discs, a company that is based in Nicholasville, Kentucky. We Print Discs provides high quality CD printing, duplication, replication, and other media services for small to large sized businesses, musicians, marketers, consultants, medical practitioners, and employees across the US. Jim has been involved in Internet Marketing since 2010. You can find him on Google+.

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