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How to Build a Marketable Music CD to Your Audience

Playing with a band in your locality? You are performing well and have fans on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.  Then some unavoidable questions could be “When are going to launch a music album or CD?”

If your audience asked you this question, then it is a good sign since they like your music.  One of the challenges is producing your first CD.  This will take some time and effort, but not expensive.  If you have a collection of songs, then the first part of the task is successfully done.  To guide you through the whole process, below are the ways you are going to take:

1)  Determine the size of your project

When it comes to size, resources play a huge factor.  If you have a small budget, then it could be better to focus on a few songs at first.  There’s no need to create a Nashville-level project.  Just make sure that the audio quality is good and marketable.


 2) Select your songs.

Select your best performed songs in your list.  The songs that your audience want.  Always remember that you’re producing a CD because of them.  If you use album or song cover, make sure that you have the authority to use them from copyright owners.


3) Find a good recording studio.

Go to a highly regarded recording studio is recommended, but if you lack resources and funds, find good contacts then it is possible to find affordable alternatives.  There are bands that have experience in recording.  Always remember, don’t compromise the quality just to reduce costs.  If unsure, then you need to spend some extra bucks and go to a recording studio.


4) Record It.

Before going to the recording studio you should be well prepared, usually you need to pay per hour for this.


5) Master and mix the recording.

Focus on the balance of the vocals and instruments; make it ready for CD duplication and burn a CD master.


6) Create the CD artwork.

This is important since you need to have an artwork that attracts your target audience for both the packaging and CD print.


7) Deliver the CD master for CD duplication and packaging

There are tons of firms that can accomplish this, some companies offer low cost CD duplication and replication for small and large quantities depending on your need.  After delivering your master CD contact the company to follow up if they received your CD and ask for an update regarding the process of your order.

Making CD can increase your brand image.  Following these ways can definitely make the best possible product image and build your reputation in the music industry.

Do you like to add something on this list, let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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